When this is achieved, no one will have to worry anymore about not being able to find back what is lost.  Or, all things being equal and from this time on, each FINDme user at the very least, will have a better chance of finding back what is lost!   We, after all, belong to the same community.  But with FINDme, we can build the FINDme Community – a community where everyone can now be bigger than themselves when they come together as one and help each other out; a community where finding each other is now made easier!

About Us


The FINDme tag is another practical technology product offered by Windsor Computer  Center.  In line with our philosophy of providing our customers with the latest technology product that is practical and at a price everybody can afford, the FINDme Bluetooth tracker is born!

FINDme is an anti-loss Bluetooth tracking device that offers solutions starting from loss prevention to belongings location and retrieval. It links to your phone through wireless Bluetooth connectivity. To use, simply download the FINDme app and attach the FINDme tag to the items that you don’t want to lose such as:

What separates FINDme apart from the competition is that it is developed at home right here in the Philippines by Filipinos

FINDme product video



When this Community Find is engaged, any FINDme user that comes within the Bluetooth range of the lost item will trigger the system to send the owner a notification message to update its current location wherever he may be, thus, increases immensely the chances for its recovery!

Community Find Explained

is not just a product

It is also an advocacy !

FINDme Advocacy Englsh Version
FINDme Advocacy Filipino Version

Engilsh Version

Filipino Version

At FINDme.ph, we create our own product videos and website.  As a start-up company, we believe by keeping our operation costs to a minimum, it will help sustain our vision of providing quality products with excellent after-sales service.   We can channel the savings that we gain into more meaningful endeavors such as for the improvement and development of our products and to make the operation of our company easier to sustain for the long term.

to cater to the needs of the Filipino people.  Who knows Filipinos better than a fellow Filipino?

Another distinguishing feature of FINDme is Community Find. 

By encouraging the participation of all FINDme users within the community, this concerted effort - also popularly known locally as “bayanihan” - will help the owner increase the chance of recovering his lost belongings whenever it can no longer be seen in its last seen location (due to someone taking it).

In order for this Community Find to provide the maximum benefit to the whole community, we need all the FINDme users like you to help promote the FINDme product and support our advocacy of building the Community of FINDme users nationwide by just simply downloading the free FINDme app, by becoming an end-user, a re-seller, a dealer or distributor! 

FINDing made easy !