Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1.  What can your FINDme Bluetooth tracker do?  Who needs this product?

The complete name of this product is FINDme Anti-Loss Bluetooth Tracking Device.  It is shortened to FINDme tracker.  As the name implies, it is an anti-loss tracking device. It is connected to your phone via Bluetooth which is a common feature in all smart phones.  With the help of its FINDme mobile app which you can download for free at Google Play Store or Apple App Store, it can help you find things that are commonly misplaced like keys, wallets, or even your phone in an instant!  To use, simply attach the FINDme tag to the items that you usually misplace such as keys, then download the FINDme app.  Pair the FINDme tag to your phone.  When your keys get misplaced, simply run the FINDme app, tap your phone and your tag will beep.  You can now easily locate your keys. When your phone goes missing, simply double click your FINDme tag, and your phone will ring even if it is on silent! If you completely lost your item (keys), you can use its GPS feature to locate it on the map to see where you last had it.  With FINDme… FINDing is made easy!”

This product is specifically designed for people who frequently misplace his/her belongings.


2.  How reliable is your FINDme Bluetooth tracker?

FINDme Bluetooth tracker uses the Bluetooth technology which utilizes data transmission through wireless connectivity.  As in any wireless technology, there will be always some issues involved in its stability which may be caused by external factors beyond the control of our FINDme device such as stability of the Bluetooth module of the phone used by the user or  the phone’s battery manager that prevents the FINDme app to function properly when it is running in the background, just to name a few.  A lot of phone has battery management feature that will treat the Bluetooth tracker as a “battery draining” app and will attempt to suspend its operation in the background in order to conserve battery.  This will cause disconnection between the phone and the tag.  Other wireless devices operating within the FINDme’s frequency range may also interfere with the stability of the Bluetooth tracker.  In every technology, there will always be some positive features and some negative limitations.  It is up to us, the end-user to evaluate and to decide how to embrace technology the way they are.


3.  If your FINDme tracker is not 100% reliable, then why should I buy your FINDme? 

The main objective of FINDme is to help people (who frequently misplace their day to day belongings such as keys, remote controls, etc.) find back their misplaced or lost belongings in the shortest possible time.  As in any technology, and in any product, there are always inherent features and limitations that come with it.  There is no one single product that can deliver 100% efficiency.  For example, our police are in charge of providing security to the community.  But when crime happens, the police can only do so much.  You cannot entrust your personal safety solely to the police alone.  You should also take part and get yourself involve in your own safety and security.  Same with our FINDme,  it can never provide you 100% reliability, but it will serve as an important tool to help you find back misplaced or lost items.  It can never guarantee to help find your lost items every time.  But with it, you will have a better chance of finding your lost item than if you don’t have it.


4.  What is the Bluetooth range of FINDme?

Normally, when there is no obstruction, the Bluetooth range can reach as far as 30 meters or about 100 feet.  Its optimum range is at 10 meters or about 30 feet and may vary considerable if there are obstructions in between the phone and the FINDme tag.


5.  What devices are compatible with FINDme?

The FINDme tag uses Bluetooth version 4.0 or BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy).  As a guide for apple users, your device must at least running the iOS 9 version and up.  For android devices, your device must at least support Bluetooth 4.0 and running the Kit Kat version (Android 4.4.2 or higher).  If your phone has the above required specifications, it is likely that it will work.  It is best if you can ask your reseller to test the FINDme tag first before you buy it.


6.  When I go out of my office, I normally switch off my mobile data.  Will my FINDme still be able to give me the last location seen after I accidentally dropped my keys when I am outside of my office and my phone is not connected to the Internet?

As long as your Bluetooth and Location are still enabled and the FINDme tag was properly connected to your phone, you can still see its last seen location when the FINDme tag is lost outside your office even if there is no Internet connection when this happens.  The FINDme app logs the GPS coordinates of the FINDme tag when it is within its Bluetooth range even without the Internet.  And when the tag gets out of its Bluetooth’s range (meaning getting left behind), the app remembers the last connection it had with the tag.  The moment you become connected with the Internet again, you can now access its location service and locate its position on the map!


7.  What devices will not work with FINDme?

Any devices that do not have Bluetooth 4.0 or BLE, will not work.  They do not have the needed hardware to communicate with our FINDme tag.


8.  Where can I buy a FINDme?

You may buy FINDme initially at our online stores:,, and at  It is also available at our physical store: Windsor Computer Center in Batangas City.   Soon, it will be available nationwide at your favorite cellphone and gadget stores.


9.  How much does a FINDme cost?

At the time of launching, its lowest cost model is retailed at PHP799.00.   The selling price, however, may change due to future prevailing market conditions.


10. What is the warranty and refund policy of FINDme?

All FINDme models come with 12 months warranty against defects in materials and workmanship from the date it is purchased by the end-user at any authorized retail outlets or online stores.  No refund shall be provided under normal situation.  We shall at our discretion either repair or replace the defective FINDme tag with an equivalent functioning unit.   The user must bring the item back to the retail store where he bought it from.  If his purchase was done online, then the user is responsible for the freight cost of sending the item back to us.  After the tag has been repaired or replaced, we shall be the one to shoulder the cost of shipping back the FINDme tag back to the user.  For additional warranty and refund policy details, please tap on this link:


11. What if the belonging that I want to tag is not present in the “Choose an Icon” Menu?

Under the “Choose an Icon” menu, in the last option, you will see a graphic representation of a camera lens with these words, “Take Photo”.  Tap on this option and the FINDme app will launch your phone’s camera and let you take a photo of your item that is not in the list.  It will then assign this photo as an icon that will be assigned to your tag.


12. The FINDme Bluetooth tracker has a GPS tracking functionality.  As I know it, GPS trackers are quite pricey.  How come your FINDme tracker is very affordable?

Traditional GPS trackers usually have both GSM SIM module and GPS receiver built into the device.   These 2 components cost considerably.  With FINDme, we designed it in such a way that it will cost as little as possible so that it will become very affordable to the common people like you and me.  For us to do so, we do not incorporate these 2 components into our FINDme devices.  Instead, we added only the Bluetooth component into our FINDme tag for it to connect to your smart phone and make use of the phone’s GPS and Internet connectivity to keep track of its location.


13. There are many Bluetooth trackers out there already in the market, why should I buy FINDme?

Good question.  In the current Philippine market, when it comes to Bluetooth trackers, basically you only have 2 choices.  One, buy the Branded ones, which are quite pricey and they are based in countries outside the Philippines.  Two, you can buy the cheaper generic ones that are readily available online.  But if you take a closer look at the find prints, they are usually shipped from abroad and come with a generic mobile app which has limited features and functionality.  It’s like a “one size fits all” mobile app solution.  But in real life, a mobile app must be responsive to its user’s experience and must have provisions for feedbacks and improvements.  It will be better if the app is developed by a local company that is operating within the country where it is being offered.  This is where FINDme comes in.  FINDme is designed and developed here at home in the Philippines by a Philippine company with the Filipino people in mind.   It also comes with loads of features (not present in generic apps) that are specifically designed to help you locate your misplaced or lost items much easier and faster!


14. All Bluetooth trackers use Bluetooth technology to connect to the phone.  As I know it, Bluetooth has very short working range of slightly beyond 10 meters and is also subject to obstructions within the room.   If the key that is linked to my FINDme tag is misplaced inside my house and is outside the Bluetooth range, then I can no longer use my phone to ring the tag. How can FINDme be of help now?

With FINDme, the moment your tagged item like the key gets separated beyond your phone’s Bluetooh range, both your phone and the tag will emit separation alert sounds notifying you that your tag is out of range.  This will prompt you to go back to the original place where you left it, which in turn, will likely reconnect your phone back to your tag.  Then, you can now use the FINDme app with your phone to ring the tag. 


15. How many FINDme tag can I link to my phone?

Theoretically, there is no limit as to the number of FINDme tags you can link to your phone.  But the phone model that you are using may have limitations as to how many Bluetooth devices it can accommodate.  Normally, majority of the existing models currently available in the market can accept up to 6 tags.


16. I bought one generic Bluetooth tracker device online.  It does have a separation alert feature that alerts me every time my tagged items are left behind beyond my phone’s Bluetooth range.  At first I was glad about this feature since this feature helps me from leaving my tagged items such as car keys or house keys behind.  But when I am at home, whenever I leave my car keys in adjacent rooms while I take my phone with me, it will frequently emit this separation alert to the extent of causing a lot of annoyance.  How does FINDme address this issue?

The FINDme app has this feature called “Quiet Time” where you can set your app to silent mode whenever you do not want to be disturbed by its separation alert feature.  You can set the time duration you want your app to be in this mode after which it will revert to its normal alert mode.  During “Quiet Time”, you can still use your phone to ring your tag and vice versa whenever you misplace either your phone or your tag.  You will still hear the beeping sounds even if it is in “Quiet Time” mode when you need to find your belongings!


17. I know all Bluetooth tracker apps have this “last seen location” feature which will help you locate your lost item by showing it on the map the last location it was still within your phone’s Bluetooth range before it got lost.  What happens if someone took this item before you can go back to this location to retrieve your lost item?  Can FINDme help solve this issue?

When this happens, your item is now really “lost” and there is no way you can find it unless your app has this “Community FIND” feature which our FINDme app offers.  When your tag is already outside your phone’s Bluetooth range, any change in location after this can no longer be tracked since the tag cannot communicate and update its position with your phone anymore.  With our “Community FIND” feature, the owner of the lost item must tap the button “Ask for Help”  whenever he wishes the whole FINDme community to help him find his lost item.  When this feature is activated, the moment his lost FINDme tag comes within range of any FINDme users, he will be immediately notified of the current location of his tag!  With such feature, you can really say, “with FINDme, FINDing is now made easy!”


18. How long will its battery last?  How would I know it’s time to change the battery?  What type of battery should I buy?  Is the battery affordable?

The battery lasts from 1 to 6 months depending on usage.  Users tend to use and test these tags more often when they first have them, then use them less and less often as time passes by.  Don’t worry, we have included 1 extra battery inside the package that you can readily use when its battery runs low.  You will know when the battery runs low if the beeping sound is less intense.  Also, when the tag gets disconnected, you will notice that it becomes harder and harder to reconnect.  In due time, you will get to know how the tag behaves when it is time to change battery. In the future generations of FINDme, we shall incorporate a battery indicator into its design so that you will be guided more accurately as to when you will need to change the battery. The battery type is CR2032.  It is called a lithium button cell and can be purchased online or at most computer and watch repair shops.  You can buy it at around PhP40.00-PhP100.00 per piece depending on the brand and where you buy it.


19. How can I change the battery of the FINDme tag?

When your battery runs low, and you need to change it, simply tap the green “>” on the right side of your belonging icon, then tap on the upper right corner icon “⁞ “ , then tap on “How to Change Battery”.  The app will display illustrations on how to change the battery. 


20. Can I use the FINDme tag on pets such as dogs or small children who tend to run out of sight of owners/parents?

It really depends on each person’s individual situation.  Here is one situation that you may find our FINDme tag applicable.  If you have the habit of maintaining a very close physical distance with your pet or child, then the FINDme tag may come in very handy!  Just simply attach the FINDme tag to your dog’s collar, or to your child’s pants and you are ready to hit the road or the  mall.   When your pet or child moves away from you beyond the range of FINDme’s Bluetooth range, both your phone and the FINDme tag will sound off audible separation alerts.  This will alert you that your pet or child has wandered away far beyond your tag’s Bluetooth range.  This means that they are far away enough to cause concern and not too far away for you to start looking for them and have a better chance of finding them!  This setup is good only if the background noise in the mall is not too loud to interfere with the separation alert sound of the app and the tag.


21. Sometimes even if the FINDme tag is just beside my phone, it disconnects by itself.  Double clicking the button just won’t ring my phone.  Why is this so?

For disconnection issues, both hardware and software play a big role here.  For this FAQ, we will  discuss the hardware part.  The software part will be discussed in separate FAQ’s that follow.  The Bluetooth module (hardware part) used by each phone manufacturer may differ in quality (connection stability) based on their costing consideration. These modules may disconnect by themselves due to stability (or quality) issues.  When this happens, your phone will disconnect from your FINDme tag!  In such case, there is nothing we can do to help you.  The best way to resolve this issue is to buy a phone with better Bluetooth module.  If you have used a Bluetooth headset that has voice prompt saying, “You are out of your Bluetooth’s range!”, whenever your headset is outside your phone’s range, then you can relate to this situation.  Although your Bluetooth headset may be just beside your phone, there will be times that you will hear, “You are out of your Bluetooth’s range!”.  This would mean that the Bluetooth module of your phone has disconnected with your Bluetooth headset (or your headset is the one which disconnected from the phone) as a result of its poor stability.  When this happens, what can you do aside from buying a new phone? Well, you just have to live with it and try to make the best out of what you have.  You may try to turn off then on the phone’s Bluetooth function.  Usually, this will reset the Bluetooth module and normally, it will resume its connectivity.  You can do the same with the FINDme whenever it disconnects by itself.  In this situation, the problem lies in the Bluetooth module of your phone and has nothing to do with the FINDme app nor the FINDme tag.  The bluetooth module of our FINDme tag is designed to stay connected with your phone at all times !


22. I have this observation that whenever I go to sleep in the evening and upon waking up in the morning, most of the time, I will find my FINDme tag disconnected from my phone.  Double clicking its button just won’t ring the phone.  Why is this so, can you suggest a solution to this problem?

When your phone is sleeping over a long period of time and the FINDme app is running in the background, the phone’s battery management may interfere and treat the FINDme as a battery draining app and may prevent it from running properly in the background which could lead to its disconnection with the FINDme tag.  The solution is to add the FINDme app under “No restrictions” in the phone’s Battery and Performance setting.  Then, reboot your phone and reconnect the FINDme tag.


23. When my FINDme tag got separated for some time, for example, I left the tag at home when I went to work, then upon returning home in the evening, I would find my tag just couldn’t reconnect with my phone.  Can you provide me with an explanation on why this happens and a solution as well?

Your question is very important but very hard to answer.  Generally speaking, there are 2 major software platforms we are dealing with and each will react slightly differently under the same situation.  These are Apple and Android devices. For Android devices, there are just too many brands that will have a slight variation in the way they design their operating systems especially in their battery management and granting permissions to apps to run in the background.  With the above problem, there is no specific answer to it, but we can generalize and narrow it down to be caused by either the battery manager treating the FINDme app as battery draining app while it is running in the background and may disconnect it from the tag, or the operating system not granting the FINDme app the necessary permission to run in the background.  We suggest you look into these 2 issues and set the battery manager to remove all restrictions from the FINDme app and grant permission and allow FINDme to run in the background.  After these 2 are set, you may do the following if the tag still cannot connect to the phone.  1. Turn off then on the phone’s Bluetooth, run the FINDme app in the foreground, then click the tag, and wait for about 1 minute to see if it connects.  2.  If no connection happens, shut down the FINDme app, then re-launch it, click the tag and wait for about 1 minute.  3. If there is still no connection, reboot the phone, launch the FINDme app, click the tag and wait for about 1 minute for it to reconnect.  If your tag still cannot connect after these procedures, please visit your authorized FINDme resellers and ask for assistance.