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36.5 x 36.5 x 5.8 mm

(1.44 x 1.44 x 0.23 in.)



 5.8 mm (0.23 in.)


Weight (Unit Only)

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Dimensions with Packaging

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Weight with Packaging

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Battery Type

Button Cell CR-2032


Battery Life

up to 6 months

(depends on usage)


Beep Volume




Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE 4.0)



10 - 30 m (depending on obstructions)



iOS ver.      ;  Android ver. 



12 Months Limited Warranty from Date of Retail Purchase


What's in the Box ?

1 x FINDme Tag

1 x Key Ring with Strap

2 x Maxell CR2032

1 x Manual

1.    Customizable Icon

When linking your belongings to the FINDme tag and there is no icon that matches with your item, you can choose the “Take Photo” option to customize the icon.

2.    Key Finder

When your keys (or other belongings) linked to the FINDme tag is misplaced, simply tap your phone and the tag will beep continuously until you find it

3.    Phone Finder

When your phone gets misplaced, double click the FINDme tag and it will ring even if it is on silent.

4.    Separation Alert

When you left your belonging, its "Separation Alert" feature will immediately remind you that you left something behind.  Both the tag and the phone will emit beeping sound and alert tone with vibration respectively. The beeping sound of the tag will stop by itself after 15 seconds to conserve battery if its button is not pressed while the phone will ring and vibrate continuously until it is tapped or has reconnected back with the tag.

5.    Reconnection Alert


With reconnection alert, you are reminded and assured that the tag has reconnected after it has been separated so that when either one of the tag or your phone goes missing, you can readily locate each one of them since you now know that they are reconnected already.

Quiet Time can be activated in 2 modes – Straight Mode and Repeat Mode.


Straight Mode:  

If on Thursday night, you plan to stay at home for straight 3 days from Friday to Sunday, and will leave home on Monday at around 7am, then set these parameter: Start Day/Start Time: Thur/19:00, End Day/End Time: Mon/7:00, then choose Straight Mode and tap “Activate”.  


Repeat Mode:  If you go to your office regularly from Mondays to Fridays at around 8:00am, and are at home on Sunday, then here is a sample setup.  Start Day/Start Time: Sun/19:00,  End Day/End Time: Sat/7:00.  Choose “Repeat Mode”, then tap on “Activate”.  In this setup, Quiet Time will be activated on Sunday night at 19:00. Then on the following morning (Monday) at 7:00am, when you are to leave home for your office, Quiet Time will deactivate.  It will then reactivate again that same day at 19:00 when you are assumed to be at home, then will deactivate on Tuesday at 7:00am again.  The cycle will be “repeated” and will end on Saturday at 7:00am.


Please take note that in both modes, once the End Day/End Time is reached, the Quiet Time setup will stop and deactivate by itself. You have to reset it again and choose the mode you prefer.

6.    Quiet Time

Activate Quiet Time when you are annoyed by the repeated separation alerts caused by your phone being separated from the FINDme tag in between adjacent rooms at home as a result of walls and object obstructions. To activate, you must enter the Start Day/Start Time and End Day/End Time. You cannot activate the Quiet Time if you do not enter the End Day/End Time.  We design it this way so that you cannot just activate it without including the End Day/End Time.  If this is allowed, there is a BIG chance that you won’t be able to deactivate this Quiet Time when you leave your home.  And when this happens and your tag gets separated, you won’t be alerted since the Quiet Time is still activated! Remember, the main target users of the FINDme tag are those who FORGET A LOT!

8.    Lost History Location


Every time your FINDme tag gets separated from your phone, the app logs its GPS coordinates and stores them inside the “Lost History” folder.  By tapping on the “Lost History” location you will be able to see it on Google Maps where you last had your tag before it was lost.

7.    GPS coordinates display


The GPS coordinates are always displayed in the form of numerical figures such as Lat:13.757504 Lon:121.056793. Lat stands for latitude and Lon stands for longitude.  You can use these 2 coordinates and search it on Google Maps to see the actual physical location of these 2 coordinates.  You can try it.  Just type these 2 coordinates as follows:  13.757504,121.056793 into Google Maps search window to display the physical location.  Such feature is very useful if you lost your item and the place does not have popular landmarks to begin the search.  By inputting these coordinates to Google Maps and use its navigation feature, you can now be guided back to this location even without popular landmarks.

9.    Community FIND.  


When your lost item can no longer be seen in its “Lost History Location” due to someone taking it away, you can ask the whole FINDme community to help you find your lost belongings. Tapping the “Ask for Help” button on your app will trigger the FINDme server to send down this search command to all active FINDme users.  The FINDme app installed in the phone of every FINDme user will constantly scan for this lost tag without the user knowing this activity.  And when one of the FINDme users come within range of this lost FINDme tag, the server will be alerted, which in turn, it will notify the owner of this lost tag of its updated location.  This will increase the chance of locating and finding back this lost item!  Take note that by just downloading the FINDme app, even if no FINDme tag is linked to your phone, you automatically become a member of this FINDme community and unknowingly  help in the finding process!

10.    Selfie Remote Shutter Trigger

You can use the FINDme tag as a remote control trigger for your phone’s camera shutter when you are taking selfies or even groupies especially if the crowd is very big and cannot fit into the phone's screen within your arm's length distance.