Product Disclaimer

The FINDme mobile app and the FINDme tag collectively called the “FINDme” tracker is an anti-loss Bluetooth tracking device that is designed to help its users find their misplaced items or phones in an instant wherever they may be.  It is a tool that uses Bluetooth wireless technology to link the tag to the user’s phone and takes advantage of the phone’s GPS and Internet connectivity for its location tracking ability.  As with any wireless technology product, its day to day operation may be subjected to influences from a variety of external factors that may affect its over-all performance.  The stability of the Bluetooth module of the phone used may cause occasional disconnections between the tag and the phone.  Since different phone models have different battery optimization management features,  there may be instances when the phone’s battery manager will detect the FINDme mobile app as a “battery draining app” and automatically disconnects the FINDme tag when it is running in the background and the user will not be able to ring the phone using the tag and vice versa. This is because for the FINDme tag to work, it needs to be constantly connected to the phone whether it is running in the foreground or background.   These situations are experienced by various brands of Bluetooth trackers and each manufacturer is constantly working to lessen the frequency of such occurrences and improve overall user experience.  Your timely feedback whenever you experience such is also very important in improving the performance of these Bluetooth trackers.


As with any technology and product, there are inherent features and limitations that come with it. There is no single product that can claim nor deliver 100% efficiency and reliability. With FINDme, you can be assured that we continuously try our best to get as close to that as possible. After all that has been said and done, what you can count on is that with FINDme, your chances of retrieving your lost items are remarkably higher compared to not having one at all. Please click on this “feedback” text if you have any comments and or suggestions.