How Does FINDme Work ?


Attach FINDme to belongings that you don't want to lose such as keys

Download the free FINDme app

When you cannot locate your keys

Simply tap the FINDme app to find it.  It's that easy !

And when your phone gets misplaced

Double click the FINDme tag to ring it even if it is on silent !

When you left in a hurry and forgot your keys

With FINDme's Separation Alert, it will immediately notify you when you forget something !

When you dropped your car key and have no idea where it happened

FINDme's Lost History Locaton Feature will show it on Google Maps where you last had it !

You can also use the FINDme tag as a remote control shutter trigger to take selfies !

Say Cheese !

FINDme tracker product video
FINDme tracker product video